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34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real


Rory Williams Can Survive Any TV Show


Different types of houses…

SUPERWHOLOCK… i personally think Lestrade should be on Hufflepuff since he's from the original canon….

Sounds about right {Sherlock/Supernatural} <--- I'm not in Supernatural but I absolutely love this it is perfect

There are people all over this galaxy that owe that man a debt. By now a few of them will have found a blue box waiting for them on their doorstep.

Yes someone other than the fans think that the bow tie is something other than stupid>>>>Haha, oh Cas... >_<

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Jokes With Limited Appeal

Are you my mummy? Where is my mummy? I know you're here mummy! Coming to find you... Coming to find you...!

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no... sherlock's hands would start to shake then he would go pale and quiet and turn on his heels and walk away, sit down in his chair and rock himself slightly as he tries to regain his equilibrium and make new sense of the world that he thought he knew so well......

Probably pinned it before. Pinning it again. "Good luck to whoever took them. They won't be able to get a word in edgeways."