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Creative Master Class: Turn Obstacles Into Inspiration

Chuck Close was severely learning disabled as a kid, and he had such trouble at school that his eight grade teacher said to him, "Chuck, don’t even think about college; you should go the vocational route. You’re not going to make it." And this is a guy who went on to get his MFA from Yale and become a world renowned artist.

Introduction to VTS by Visual Thinking Strategies. An excerpt from "Thinking Through Art: The Isabella Stewart Gardner School Partnership Program," in which students discuss work from the museum's collection using VTS.

We are a global crowdfunding platform that accepts 139 currencies + bitcoin. Our focus is on social good and we're free for campaign creators. As part of our social good mission, we promote women and diversity led projects through an open marketplace. At our community driven marketplace, you can purchase or offer campaign rewards or services for any crowdfunding platform.

Nelson Mandela is a courageous and noteworthy figure in South Africa's history, and blazes a legacy trail worth not only following, but imitating as well.