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Build Your own Biped Robot

BoB the BiPed is a cute little printed robot and winner of Instructables Printing and Pocket Sized Electronics contests. BoB inspired a series of copies and adaptations. Come see BoB at World Maker Faire in New York.

Transforming Papercraft Robot From Caramel Boxes

Before you go throwing out all your post-Halloween candy boxes, maybe you should consider undertaking an incredibly ambitious papercraft project with them, like this unbelievably detailed transforming robot made from caramel boxes by Dori Asuka.

"Play Communs" Combine Papercraft and Electronics Into Simple Robots

Designed by Toulouse-based design group Ultra Ordinaire, Play Communs "is a toy for children and adults that aims to bring young and old closer to electronics."

Robots Getting a Grip with Electroadhesive Fingers

Lego Robot Folds and Flings a Paper Airplane

NXTLOG user built this amazing paper airplane machine. My favorite part is the stage, where four linear actuators make the final folds in the airplane. It looks sick when the entire assembly rises up! | Robotics in Manufacturing Today