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Livingstone's Turaco (Tauraco livingstonii)

Livingstone's Turaco - Turacos make up the bird family Musophagidae. And that hair is beautiful :)


Bosqué del Apache NWR, in NM, January, Huge flocks of Red Wing Blackbirds passing through on their way south. Photo by Fred Lord

Blue Myna bird, all dressed up in white fluff.

Love it's tutu! Bali Mynah- is restricted to the island of Bali in Indonesia, where it is the island's only endemic vertebrate species. Photo by

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The Indian Ringneck Parrot or Parakeet (Psittacula krameri manillensis) also referred to as Rose-ringed Parakeet or, simply, Ring-necked Parakeet. Many are bred for pets.

mordmardok:  Envy is a bad thing, by Lars Clausen

Crested Pigeon, Australia , Lilac to black ombré. The splash of orange/apricot is something only nature could have come up with.

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Flying peacock by Captainskyhigh .I never see photos of peacocks in the air.

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The Whitehead's Broadbill (Calyptomena whiteheadi) is restricted to montane forest in northern Borneo. It is named after the British explorer John Whitehead who collected natural history specimens in Borneo and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.