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Петроглифы Сикачи-Аляна 2 - Petroglyph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Sayhuite is an archaeological site located east of the city of Abancay in Peru. Regarded as a sacred point of religious worship in Peru, the Sayhuite is an engraved rock that contains more than 200 geometric and zoological figures. It was found amid the ruins of a Peruvian archaeological site. What makes this artefact so special is that no one really knows what it is or why it is there. One unique stone, untouched for centuries.

Why did so many different ancient cultures, in so many different places around the world, use such large and cumbersome building blocks to construct their temples & fortresses, when they appare…

Inside this huge cliff the remnants of an 800 plus years old buildings left by the lost civilization of the anasazi. Cliff Dwellings, Mesa Verde, CO.

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