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Young Love,Aphrodite

Aphrodite Sosandra, by Unknown artist, 2nd Century, white marble, full relief. Italy: Campania: Naples: National Archaeological Museum. Detail. Statue goddess love Aphrodite Venus face young woman mantle/cloak

Aphrodite Sosandra, by Unknown artist, 2nd Century, white marble, full relief. Italy: Campania: Naples: National Archaeological Museum. Whole artwork. Statue goddess love Aphrodite Venus young woman mantle/cloak

Weighing her options? . A seated Aphrodite, the goddess of love, holds a scale in which she weighs two figures of Eros, the young winged god of love.

According to most experts, the Venus de Milo depicts the mythological Greek goddess Aphrodite, and the story of the Judgment of Paris. In this tale, a young Trojan prince, Paris, was given a golden apple by the goddess of Discord and told to award it to the most beautiful of the three candidates: Aphrodite, Athena and Hera. Aphrodite won the beauty contest by bribing Paris with the love of the most beautiful mortal woman - Helen of Sparta - and was awarded the apple.

Adonis was the personification of masculine beauty, to which he owed his fate. Aphrodite was desperately attracted to the young Adonis, who, being uninterested in romance, showed no affection. She tried in vain to persuade Adonis to love her. However, Adonis preferred to go hunting. He was killed by a wild boar. Since then, his religion has belonged to women. The dying of Adonis was fully developed in the circle of young girls around the poet Sappho from the island of Lesbos, about 600 BC…

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STOLEN HEARTS — n the time of myths and legends... ...Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, has grown jealous of a young girl named Psyche. She is envious of the praise being heaped upon the mortal girl for her splendour. The goddess decides to dispatch her mischievous son Eros, the god of love, to perform a nasty trick. When the trick goes awry, Eros finds himself falling in love with Psyche. Unable to resist her allure, he whisks her away to a palace in the sky. Find out what happened…

Greek Mythology: Himeros (or Himerus) was the god of sexual desire, one of the young Erotes (winged Love-Gods). When the goddess Aphrodite first emerged new-born from the sea-foam's she was greeted by the twin loves Eros and Himeros. Some say Aphrodite was born pregnant with the twins, and birthed them with her birth. The pair were her constant companions, agents of her divine power. Himeros was usually depicted as winged youth or child, as were the other Erotes. He was frequently...

Coming, Aphrodite is a short novella that is about the story of a lonely boy, Hedger, who is a painter in Washington Square. When Eden, a young beautiful singer, enters his life, she is like a hurricane, Hedger can’t resist and falls in love with her . When Eden dreams about his carrier of becoming a famous star, Hedger can’t follow her. How will they live their lives without the love of one another ? New York is shown like a breeze of fresh air which gives rhythm to this love story.