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Something so compelling in the ease of this image

☫ Angelic ☫ winged cemetery angels and zen statuary - Buddha, Tokyo, Japan

A couple wearing the appropriate kimono, going to or coming from their shinto in Japan

theworldwelivein: couple / vintage / culture / kimono / traditonal : geiko (geisha) kotoha, kyoto japan 芸妓 琴葉さん 日本・京都 (by Michael Chandler)

We can enjoy summer in japan with many many festivals like firework, etc... It s really so awesome!

✮ ~ 'Wafuku' Japanese traditional clothing ~ yukata at summer festival ~ ☽

Jūnihitoe, antique kimono, the so called twelve-layer robe from the Heian era, Japan.

Junihitoe is a kind of formal kimono developed in Heian era. I fall in love with it since the first time i see it from manga(for example Genji Monogatar. Hime in Junihitoe

Toh-shiya (Archery Contest) at Sanjusangen-do Temple, Kyoto, Japan

These women are in kimono and hakama (the wide pants) doing archery. Notice the huge open gap in the sides: you can’t wear hakama without a kimono!

Tea ceremony - Kyoto, Japan.

野点 Outdoor tea ceremony at Baika-sai (japanese apricot festival) Kitano-tenmangu shrine, Kyoto. By yocca