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This made me cry, and i really needed to hear this. #SupernaturalSavedMyLife

i am not afraid to die, i think that i am afraid to live because then everything i have and am will change...but maybe not.

Bacterial Contamination || Mino-dono

Had a friend clue me in on this. It basically destroyed my innocence.

Yes. I will. Maybe, I'm being selfish if I do that, because I don't know how many and how much people cherish their memories with me in it. Maybe they thought that I'm the best thing that happened that time, and if I take it from them, their memories will be meaningless.... but then, I really want to go without causing other pains. If there is a way, then yes, I will take it, even if it will erase my existence in their memories, because I believe they will meet someone else who can replace…

Margot doesn't get enough credit besides being hot

Definetly promoting suicide harm. Let me think for a moment.. "I am not afraid to keep on living." "Do or die, you'll never break me." In the background of the song Cemetary Drive, you hear people saying CLEARLY "Don't do it." And they sang a song about f*cking snowflakes on Yo Gabba Gabba. Yep. Seems legit.

This is the scariest thing about you Ana, you pretend you're going to fix everything, then you starve me to death. ~Jillian