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Yummilicious for my Princess 小公主的寶寶美食: 18/7/2016 (Mon) 馬鈴薯奶酪圈圈

Yummilicious for my Princess 小公主的寶寶美食: 18/7/2016 (Mon) 馬鈴薯奶酪圈圈

Apple Fritters. - super simple version

Nothin' to Fret about Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters- These were so easy, i think they might be my go-to potluck dessert! ( Gluten Free Flour works just as well for those concerned ) ********

Yummilicious for my Princess 小公主的寶寶美食: 17/10/2016 (Mon) 宝宝起司薯片

Yummilicious for my Princess 小公主的寶寶美食

Greek layer dip Review: This is a great twist on a seven layer dip.  Be sure to make the zesty feta dip in the recipe!

Pants + Shirt = Ensemble: Perfect Outfit Math

seven layer Greek dip = a refreshing change from the traditional Mexican 7 layer dip


Homus de Beterraba

Mix and match salad dressing. Ex- dijon mustard, rice wine vinegar, olive oil, pepper flakes, oregano salt and pepper

Nasi Lemak Lover: Light cheddar cheesecake 车打芝士蛋糕

When i saw Honey Bee Sweet baked this light cheddar cheesecake, remind me that i have so long did not bake this cake.

-2.25tsp quick rise yeast -1/2c+1c warm water -1tsp sugar -17.5oz all purpose flour (3.5c) -1.25tsp salt ~Put yeast, 1/2c water, & sugar in stand mixer. Sit 10min. Add flour & salt, & 1c water. Mix til shaggy dough, use dough hook on low for 10min. Plastic wrap & rise for 2hr, til doubled & has stretch marks. Divide into 10 balls. Cover for 10min. Place sheet pan on bottom oven rack. Heat oven to 500. Roll into 6in circle, & bake 2 on heated pan. Bake 4min on first side, 2min on other til…

Homemade Pitas

Homemade Pita Bread from Scratch, step-by-step. Will try with whole grain flour. Use for pita chips

Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookies--Body by Vi

These cookies have absolutely NO sugar in them, and they're healthy enough that you can eat them for breakfast! Haven't you always wanted to eat cookies for breakfast? - Wow, sugar free and gluten free?

Table for 2.... or more: Homemade Pineapple Jam

Table for 2.... or more: Homemade Pineapple Jam

A healthy coconut banana bread recipe, this is a great breakfast bread recipe for busy weekday mornings!

Sub GF All-purpose flour. Coconut Banana Bread: Bake for 55 minutes, and the recipe should call for more sugar. I would up the sugar from cup to maybe half a cup, and reduce the brown sugar.