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The Chimera A fearsome beast of Greek Mythology with the head of a lion and a goat and the tail of a fanged snake. The Chimera breathed fire and lived in the region of Lycia

Poised and ready to spew flames from his mouth, this suar wood Dragon statue menacingly rears its head and coils his spiked tail. The extraordinary creature is hand carved by Balinese master sculptor Ketut Taram in extravagant detail. Snarling a threat with sharp claws and fangs as well as intricate scales this Dragon statue demonstrates the artisan's mastery of his craft. It measures: 12.4" high by 9.1" wide by 5.3" deep, and it weighs 4.0 Lbs.

Scylla. A monstrous sea demon with the upper body of a nymph, the tail of a fish, and a ring of six fanged and ravening dog heads encircling her waist. She lived by a narrow channel of water, opposite the fearful whirlpool of Charybdis, and preyed on sailors from passing ships, grabbing them and eating them alive. Melos, 5th century BC. British Museum.

The Arabian horned viper is one of three currently recognised species of horned viper, a group which is recognisable for the distinctive horn-like scales that project from above the eyes of some individuals (3). The Arabian horned viper has sandy-coloured upperparts, marked with faint, light brown crossbars along the back, and white or yellowish underparts (2) (4). The head is broad and roughly triangular, while the body is robust, with a short tail, and covered with keeled scales (4). Like…

Brambletail. Tom, no mate, no kits, 25 moons old. Has a very low and seductive voice. No siblings. Warrior, one of the youngest warriors, the most noble and loyal cat too. He has a fluffy but slick pelt. Very fluffy and bushy tail. VERY muscular. He is devoted to his clan a lot. He is a very strong swimmer and great at hunting fish and voles. He is also VERY loyal, defensive, independent, quick witted and kind. He believes he can be deputy and then leader one day, a natural born leader. Very…