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"Daddy, are you there?" 10 Ways Noncustodial fathers can help raise their kids

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10 Indoor Scavenger Hunts For Kids

10 fun and easy scavenger hunts for kids.

from Overstuffed

5 Secrets to Get Kids to Help With Housework

Motivate kids to help with housework with these five simple strategies!


One place to get awesome parenting tips to help you stay calm in the chaos of kids. This will help every parent out there learn how to handle their anger, stop yelling, and build a happier home with their kids.

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how to keep children little in a "grow up fast" world - Mothering From

In today's world, kids don't seem to get a childhood. They are exposed to grownup problems and issues when they should still be holding on tight to their innocence. This post gives five practical ways to help our kids stay little in a "grow up fast" world!

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5 Ways to Show Love to Your Children

We created a list of things to help motivate you to say I love you to your children through your actions.

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Top 7 Proven Ways to Get Hired

Before my son was born I was an office and hiring manager at a company. I interviewed a lot of people. Here are my Top 7 Proven Ways to Get Hired and beat...

This simple new teeth whitening trick will blow your mind! It helped me get snow white teeth without any trips to the dentist or expensive teeth whitening products from the store. Just follow the 2 easy steps that are provided in the guide and you'll get whiter teeth in minutes. I rate this a 10/10 it's highly recommended, it changed my life and it can change yours!

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T-Shirt to Tank: A Tutorial by Jen from Upcycled Education

recycled T-shirts