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Change can be scarier than staying in the same place, can't it? I've posted this before, but ask yourself this -- is what you're doing now working? If not, then do you truly want to stay in the same place? Step forward. Today. Make a choice today to handle something different. Then comment and tell us what changed for you! www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com

OK, so you're in a place in your life that you didn't want to be. Maybe you're divorced, sick, or in a job you don't like. Now what? I get it, there are a lot of feelings that come with this, but what if I told you that you had the power to change it. Re-write the ending. Accept where you are - even if it's not where you want to be - then make the best of it. What can you do today to re-write the ending? www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com

Change is hard. Small changes like getting out of bed on a Monday morning to large changes like divorce are difficult. The thing is, we can either try to resist the winds of change or flow with them. When you do flow with the winds of change, you just may find yourself in exactly the place you needed to be to start with. www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com

This is a trick question. Often times, when you're most resistant to change, this question can change your thoughts about it. How are things working right now? Today? Chances are good that you want to make a change because things aren't working the way you want. Now what? The good news is that you've already learned what isn't working. That narrows down the possibilities. Keep going and keep asking....how's that working out for you? www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com

Frustrated with results you're getting with your co-parent, with your job, or in your life? Then change it! Something isn't working and you have the power to make some changes in order to change the situation! www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com

This is something I need reminders of constantly. Who is like me in thinking everyone else needs to change rather than us? It's so easy to point out everyone's flaws, to think that life would be better if they just acted the way we want them to, isn't it? What if, instead of trying to change everyone else, we worked instead on changing our outlook, on considering what others are going through, and changing what makes it difficult for them? www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com

Many people crave change, but aside from craving that change, what's happening to help elicit that change? That change won't happen until you decide what success looks like, create goals to get there (https://curious.com/karenbeckerfamilycoach/setting-smart-goals), and start working. Today I ask you, what are you doing to create change in your life?

I wanted to be an accountant. I am a Family/Life Coach. Life changed and I changed along with it. As tough as certain parts were, I wouldn't change my past for anything. Tell your story below! #lifechanges #lifehappens #changeisinevitable www.karenbeckerlifecoach.com

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