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Rare Pictures IV
Favorite picture of Alexandra
The four Romanov sisters: Olga, Anastasia, Tatiana, and Maria. This most likely a family snapshot and not a formal portrait.
A very rare photograph of Alexandra Feodorovna on horseback, in a review of the Uhlan regiment that she was the colonel-in-chief of. She is with Grand Duke Michael Nicholaievich.
The woman with Baby Grand Duchess Olga Nicholaievna is Queen Louise of Denmark (Nicholas II"s grandmother and Empress Marie Fyodorevna's mother) the baby is Nicholas' first cousin Princess Margareite of Denmark (daughter of his uncle Prince Waldemar of Denmark and his wife Princess Marie of Orleans)
A very rare moment . The sisters had traveled to England with their parents and were allowed to go shopping one after noon. This was taken while they were out and about. Grand Duchesses Olga, Anastasia, and Maria.
Dear Olga Nikolaevna