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Mon Lisa bean looks likes he's smelt something nice cooking from Lily-mae

Huntin fail.

what deer?I know this is photo-shopped but reminds me of my husband napping under tree while hunting.woke to find a deer watching him


Haha I thought there was three turkey, deer,and duck. I want to go elk hunting…

100 Years of Selective Breeding ~  I found this interesting, despite where this pin originated. Any knowledgable comments would be great.

100 years of selective breeding

100 years of selective breeding. Sadly, this is why purebred dogs have so many health issues. Just go get a mutt from the shelter! As long as there are homeless animals, there's no such thing as a "reputable" breeder.

Dramatic animals compilation, is it bad I want to recreate these and more with my stupid cats,

Funny pictures about Dramatic animals compilation. Oh, and cool pics about Dramatic animals compilation. Also, Dramatic animals compilation photos.