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Aspen trees in a snowy landscape are delicately realized in fused glass. Mountain Winter by Amanda Taylor: Art Glass Sculpture available at

The beauty of springtime in the mountains is exquisitely realized in fused glass. Mountain Lakeland Spring by Amanda Taylor: Art Glass Sculpture available at

sethunger: Seen on display at the Leeum in Seoul, these beautiful sculptures held me transfixed: Ten Liquid Incidents reflects Roni Horn’s core exploration of specific material and questions of sameness and difference. The blue cylindrically shaped glass sculptures installed on the floor are reminiscent of ice blocks in Iceland. This sculpture exists in limbo between solidity and liquid and also changes its color in accordance with its surroundings and fluctuations in light. It makes the…

Rick Satava is a famous Californian glass sculptor. In real size, he realizes sculptures of jellyfish working with precision patterns and filaments’ movements. His technique allows him to have translucent colors. He designs almost 300 realistic sculptures per month and we can admire some in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Out of the Cage (Red 1) is a lyrical, experimental glass sculpture conceived by Spanish-born, Mexican-based designer Gala Fernandez and realized by acclaimed glass manufacturer Nouvel Studio in Mexico City. For her new collection, Out of the Cage, Fernandez worked with the skilled artisans of Nouvel Studio to blow liquid glass in and through found metal birdcages of various sizes and shapes. Once homes to colorful pet birds, these discarded cages have had new life (literally) blown into…