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Can You Make It To The End Of This Video? - Do you understand autism? I’m not sure that I can honestly say I do. Sure, I’m aware of it, and some of the traits that people with autis...

Traumatic Stress and Autism Mommas - everybody needs to read this and realize and understand sometimes when we say, " not let's not go to that overcrowded park," we are not being rude we are saying,"I'd rather deal with the every day stimulation today instead of that times 1000"

In this video I will explain some common myths related to autism that I or people I know have come across. I felt the need to make this video after being frustrated at how little people understand autism and what it really is.

Do you have a child with autism? Ever feel drained and completely exhausted? In this video I discuss how children with autism need more patience and understanding from parents, family, and everyone else around them. Autism in general needs more understanding and acceptance because autistic kids aren't brats or spoiled, they just have a hard time sometimes and people need to understand that.

I have had this encounter a couple of times and trying to explain in the moment while helping calm your child never works. As parents of autistic children, we have all heard someone tell us, "That can't be true." When we describe some of the things that our children go through. There is no time trying to make someone a believer or understand what is happening when you need to focus on your child.

Free Behavior Supports! This visual is a printable behavior support for students with Autism and other visual learners. The "I Feel Card," works well with students who have difficulty understanding and expressing and communicating emotions/feelings and needs.

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Do you have the kid on the cover in your class? I've met him many times. This is a set of social narratives for providing expectations, perspective, and coping strategies for the classroom routines of raising hands to talk, lining up and walking quietly in the hall, and following teacher's direction. Great for a variety of student in addition to those with autism.