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CRYENGINE V - Forest Lighting Studies - by Damian Stempniewski

Lighting exercises in the newest version of Cryengine by Damian Stempniewski

First Thought - I like how this image provides a diverse range of views of a very similar environment. This could be reflected in animations via a change of seasons etc.

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Another example of texture layouts onto simple, low poly objects.  Siegecraft TD 1 by mavhn on deviantART

Low poly assets for Iphone game I worked on recently. Siegecraft TD I modeled and textured all the grassland and jungle levels props and some of the mine and mountain levels. Also created all the Interface elements and the logo.

Brother Bear @ Ye Sheng collected CG & amp; ART & amp; painting (4212 figure) _ petal Industrial Design

One of the things I love about "Brother Bear" is its breathtaking animation. Every scene is a beautiful painting.

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Ani [Finnish] describe the details of the works was not much, but . at the end painted scroll tide channel collected Painting figure) _ petal illustration & comic

ArtStation - Sketches for game environment art exploration., RYan He

ArtStation - Sketches for game environment art exploration., RYan He