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Woolwich attack: soldier's 'killer' in dock on terror link three years ago

Woolwich attack: soldiers killer in dock on terror link three years ago

ALERT: Muslim Brotherhood Launches a US Political Party There is a growing Islamic movement in America, and its endgame is to make the United States look more like Saudi Arabia and less like the land of the free and the home of the brave we know today.

AFGHANISTAN – Après un entretien avec Barack Obama, Hamid Karzaï a affirmé son soutien à l'installation d'une représentation politique talibane au Qatar pour favoriser les négociations de paix.


Viande de cheval: Bruxelles souhaite des tests ADN sur les produits à base de boeuf

A POLL out overnight found that almost a third of adults in Britain have stopped eating ready-meals as a result of the horsemeat scandal, while seven percent have stopped eating meat altogether.


Experts contradict Obama on Islamic terror threat


Obama On Benghazi 'Sideshow': 'There's No There There'