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Another word for the foundation of a house is the base. A solid foundation is the base on which everything else is built, and this is as true in home construction as in any other part of life. An experienced builder knows the importance of a strong foundation to the long term stability, maintenance, and enjoyment of your home.

It is quite likely that after watching television programs in which houses appear to be built in a few days, the future owner of a custom built home could have unrealistic expectations of the builder. It might take months to complete the construction of a house, whereas the program is over in 30 minutes. A lot happens behind the scenes that the viewer never sees. In addition, every city has rules and codes that regulate remodeling and new construction.

Even first time clients know that when it comes to building a house for their family, experience matters. Many Austin homeowners have entrusted JD Hunt Construction with the biggest investment of their life and they have a beautiful and well built home to show for it. For more information, call or visit us in Schertz, Texas. We would be glad to build you a home.

JD Hunt Construction is always leading the way with new trends in home improvement and construction techniques. With new techniques, home owners have more options available for the function and design of their house. Have your home remodeled by an experienced Austin builder. Call 512.772.2447 and let JD Hunt build you a home.

Over time, most homeowners grow to love their current home. Fond family memories make the thought of living in another house less appealing. So instead of moving to a new place, they choose to remodel for a better floor plan and more modern features that will last for years. Have your home remodeled by an experienced Austin builder. Call 512.772.2447 and let JD Hunt build you a home.

In most cases, people who want to remodel their home have an idea of what they want. When remodeling a kitchen, it is important that the end result fully meets your expectations. Can pre-fabricated cabinets achieve this for you? Would your requirements only be met with custom cabinets? Looking at the both stock and custom cabinets before making a selection is a good idea and will help you determine the best choice for your remodeling project.

Barstow Village is a beautiful, private development within Circle C in Austin, Texas. The neighborhood feels like a serene oasis in a bustling suburban setting. The area is well maintained, secure, and offers residents access to the clubhouse and homeowners association of Circle C, an established and desirable community in Southwest Austin. Want to build your dream home in a beautiful oasis? Call 512.772.2447 and let JD Hunt build you a home.

Home remodeling projects are not inexpensive. However, the right plan executed by the right contractor can help you maximize your investment and avoid future expenses. It is important to choose a professional, experienced contractor and identify your design priorities. Knowing what is necessary for the successful completion of the project can help you work within a budget that achieves your goals. Call 512.772.2447 and let JD Hunt Construction build the right home for you.

Clients know best when it comes to how they want their house to look and feel. They want warm, inviting homes where they can live comfortably and entertain friends and family. Spacious rooms and yards are often preferred by clients who are involved in the design of their custom home, but whatever their preference, JD Hunt Construction makes listening to clients a top priority before beginning any project. This ensures that the finished product is the beautiful home they envisioned.