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6th Grade Math Algebra Independent & Dependent Variables

NO-PREP 6th Grade Algebra Independent and Dependent Variables Lesson, Practice Activities and Review. Aligned to the STAAR TEKS 6.6BA, 6.6B and CCSS Standard 6.EE.C.9! Great lessons for identifying independent and dependent quantities from tables and graphs and representing and analyzing quantitative relationships between dependent and independent variables.$

Linear Equations - Writing Linear Equations From Graphs # 2 - Coloring Activity

This is a coloring activity for a set of 10 problems on writing linear equations in slope-intercept form from a graph.This is FREE in the Slope Activities Bundle.Posted: 11/03/16 so 50% off through 11/6/16There are over 160 coloring activities to choose from.

Unit 1b - Linear Relationships (Slope-Intercept Form) Interactive Math Notebook - Guided Notes on Linear Relationships and the Slope of a Line.

GRAPHING & WRITING LINEAR EQUATIONS Word Problems with Graphic Organizer

Graphing & Writing Linear Equations PROBLEM SOLVING GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS This resource includes real-world GRAPHING & WRITING LINEAR EQUATIONS word problems that students must solve & explain using problem-solving strategies. Students must organize the information they are given, SOLVE, JUSTIFY their work & EXPLAIN their solution. Topics Covered: Graphing Linear Equations, Slope of a Line, Graphing Proportional Relationships, Writing Equations Common Core 8.EE.5, 8.EE.7b, 8.EE.8a