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Get ready for an intergalactic (ok, maybe intragalactic) adventure! Pop Chart Lab has distilled more than half a century of space travel into a beautiful print. The Chart of Cosmic Exploration feature

When fluid dynamics mimic quantum mechanics. MIT researchers offer a radical new perspective on wave-particle duality.

A new study out of Oxford University is questioning the accelerated expansion theory that says dark energy is driving the expansion of the universe. According to the study, accelerated expansion theories are based on an unobserved model, opening up the possibilities to new theories on our expanding universe.

Sound is a pearl of energy. The distribution of energy within the sonic bubble is always concentrated on axis with the direction of primary propagation from the sound source.

I really like the kinds of lines created by bubble traces and the colorization here. Neutrinos: faster than light? Tracks made in a particle detector.

To reduce our DNA to subatomic particles of energy may leave us wondering what is left. Our bodies have now totally disappeared into a sea of energy that is seemingly under the control of a superconscious energy field. From this vantage point we begin to see how we are interconnected with everything else. Sacred Geometry

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