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It is my goal to replace all my tattered dishcloths with ones I knit myself. The hand knitted cloths last so much longer and are great for 'scrubbing'. I'm sure to find some great patterns and fill my cloth drawer!

Cable the easy way with this video on how to do the 4 stitch Right Cross Cable. This video will show you how to move your stitches easily!

Diamond st made in 4 rows.R2&4 work making an 8 fig bet pegs,R1&3 E-wrap all pegs R2 Sk 1st peg, e-wrap peg2, bk to peg1 & e-wrap, Wyb pegs sk pegs2&3 &e-wrap peg 4,bk to peg3 & e-wrap, Wyb pegs sk4&5,e-wrap peg6,rpt to last peg.Yarn will end on last peg.R4 E-wrap 1st peg,sk peg2 & e-wrap peg 3,back to peg2 e-wrap it,Wyb pegs sk pegs3&4 ,e-wrap peg5,bk to peg4& e-wrap it,sk pegs5&6,e-wrap peg7,& so on to last peg,e-wrap last peg. Rep 4 rows for length of proj. See Video Tut for Diamond Lace…