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Body modifications are being seen more and more as tattoo culture is evolving too ; from horns, to pointed ears, eye ink, and piercings. This is counted as the extreme alternative beauty.

pinterest | @avyliz | avy

Mashup of Van Gogh, John Tenniel's Alice and a Tim burton inspired tree done with @fusion_ink

Freehand Snake by Mirko Augugliaro at Parliament Tattoo London

Ugh I wanted these so bad ever since I was a little girl... but I worry about getting them and keeping a job

"When stop bodymodification and when start mutilation? Where is the boarder? Most boundarys are just the mind. I was thinking of this bodmod since at least 6-7 years. This have no other resons of reshape my hands. Just two fingers to create my own hands. I feel absolut no diffrent in my normal life with it. Nothing changed, just the shape of my hands. I don't care what you think about that. This is my body, my freedom, my life. Go your own way." --Little Swastika, Sweden

simply_kenna: "Beware the autumn people." -Ray Bradbury // Something Wicked This Way Comes super fresh ink, more art on the canvas.