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How to Draw an Elf Directed Drawing

Thank God it's Friday cause Friday will always be better than Sunday because Sunday's my suicide day

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Hand-Embroidered Lettering by Valeria Molinari

Amazing hand-stitched lettering work by Venezuelan illustrator and designer Valeria Molinari. "As a creative person, I like drawing, printmaking, hand-lettering, sewing, animation, and ceramics; so, you can say I love to experiment, not only with styles and mediums but in general. I love adventure, knowledge, and exploration. In my practice, I like to mix it up with different mediums while playing with typographic elements, language, and its role in shaping society. In the past few year...

Josh Dun |-/ DJ Spooky Jim Christmas

[ open w/ mel ] i was drunk,standing outside of a club and starting to have a panic breath becoming shallow,pain in my chest and tears started flowing down my face,i put my hand to steady my saw me and you..