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The light was welcoming, soft. It made you want to close your eyes and let it drift over your skin. But the moment it touched you, invisible hands wrapped around you, holding you still and locking you in place. And it burned. It burned you away.

(Closed RP. Need a lad.) I roll my eyes at my drunken best friend, Eric who had tried to kiss me for the third time tonight. "Let's get you home.." I help him over to the car and to his house I put him in his bed but he begs me to stay with him. "Fine I'll stay." I smile and go ti the bathroom to put on one of his T-shirts. I come back and find him sound asleep, I get into bed with him and fall asleep next to him. When we wake up the next day and e finds me next to him he looks horrified…

i want a picture like this in general. doesn't have to be beach scenery :) This is pretty much what Sam and I do all the time, it's just not caught on camera. :) <3

"I choose someone to share my journey intimately with, and with the most benevolent outcome for all, an outcome more than I could hope for or expect" Its like saying "I know you Love me Universe so send me the experience of sharing my life with someone that will knock my socks off"