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1,000 Seeds, Primrose "Evening Yellow" (Oenothera lamarckiana) -favorite of Hawkmoths,fragrant Evening Primrose,US native ideal for xeriscaping,prairie & Moon Garden plantings. 1.95

Foxglove Digitalis Lutea - plant with other woodland plants such as ferns in partial shade; attracts pollinating insects; more reliable than other foxgloves.

Evening Primrose Oil has remarkable properties one of which is to balance women experiencing PMS. The yellow flower produces a small seed from which the oil is extracted. It is high in GLA, an essential fatty acid that is responsible for your body operating more efficiently. A nutrient described as “essential” means your body cant produce it and it much be obtained from outside food sources. - See more at:

SUGGESTED TO ME FOR A GOOD MOON-GARDEN PLANT Bat friendly plant. Click image to learn more & add to your own plants list in Shoot. Botanical name: Oenothera biennis Other names: Common evening primrose, Large rampion, Night willowherb, Wild four o'clock, Scurvish, Night willowherb, Field primrose, Coffee plant, Cure-all, Fever plant Genus: Oenothera Species: O. biennis - O. biennis is a spreading biennial with pale yellow flowers in summer. They open in the evening hence the name.

How To Grow Yellow Evening Primrose Plants

Yellow evening primrose is a sweet little wildflower that does well in almost any part of the U.S. As the name suggests, the yellow evening primrose blooms at night. Learn more growing info in this article.

Moon Flowers. Planting by seed soon. What I call moon flowers are yellow and are actually a variation of the evening primrose.