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When you don’t want to eat your greens. | 12 Times Ron Swanson From "Parks And Rec" Spoke To Your Soul

Day 09 A character you feel the need to defend: Ron Weasley. The movies painted this image of Ron as clumsy, shallow, always hungry, and just for laughs. He may have flaws yes (he doesn't do well in schoolwork, impulsive at times, has low self esteem) but that just means he's human. But he is not a laughable sidekick. He is not a useless friend. He may not be the "brightest witch of her age" or the "chosen one" but he is fiercely loyal, genuinely funny, caring, smart and most of all brave…

I loved the more subtle Ron/Hermione moments in Deathly Hallows. For instance, just look at how Ron greets Dobby. Then look at the expression on Dobby’s face. That is what endears Hermione to Ron, it’s what makes them perfect for each other.

Doll #18Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation As promised, a brand new Parks and Rec doll. There were just too many great things to include, I had to leave a few for another time.

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