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Explore Sad News, Robin Williams and more!

Hanging with creatives tonight @creativenash, just hear about Robin Williams passing, such sad news.

I actually unplugged my television on Nov 10. They created this invasive monster, and I refuse to expose myself to the disease.

They want to get rid of Medicare. So all those little old ladies and men who voted for Trump can whine about how they cant afford their healthcare.

So the government can waste thousands of gallons of water hosing natives but children in Flint can't even get a bath tub full of clean water.

There ARE alternatives to oil and gas. There is NO alternative to water.

Trump Refuses to Bow to Chinese Communist Threats, Re-establishes Ties with Taiwan: Historic call signals Trump admin will stand up to Chinese encroachment

This is for the "Silent Majority" who felt Trump and Our Criminal Republican Congress will be "Making America Great Again!" We want you to be as Quiet as you were when you cast your "Silent Vote" for Trump when he and your GOP Congress Screws you out of Social Security and Medicare you worked all your life for. Remember....Shhhh! Not A Word!!

#NoDAPL #NoMorePipelines! #WaterIsLife!

hood robinning. Taxes aren't theft. what the government often does with our taxes is.

You gotta be quicker then that