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Hey I'm Tanner and I'm 18!! I am a professional model and love to spend time surfing at the beach. Yeah, I'm more of a beach boy *laughs*. I'm single but obviously crushing! I just hope I can win her heart. *smiles* I'm a good guy, but can be a flirt also sometimes and love romance a lot. *laughs* Intro?

“This is the most outside asks you can incorporate into a movie,” Evans says. “I love acting – but that’s not all you’re asking me to do.” Chris Evans photographed by Peggy Sirota in Rolling Stone Interview (May 4th, 2016)

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Adam~Son of Eric(From Divergent)~Evil~Smart~Fast~Can be a jerk like his dad sometimes~He can also be a huge flirt~He was dating the hottest girl in school,Willow~She was the most coolest girl He has ever met~Handsome~Single~18~His magic animal is a Lion~Willow moved away~

(FC Cameron Dallas nice ) hey im Cameron Dallas, but you can call me Cam! Im 19 and single, and looking. I am a Viner, and kinda a YouTuber you could say, i love to have fun and meet people so intro?

Secret de famille / Family secret Matt passe la nuit chez Renée, une amie. Le matin, lors de son retour chez lui, il doit affronter la colère de son père. Annie et Eric sont encore plus surpris quand ils apprennent que Renée est enceinte. Mary et Lucy rôdent autour du téléphone dans l'attente d'un appel de leurs flirts respectifs. Mary prend rendez-vous avec Jeff, le meilleur copain de Matt...

I could have NEVER prepared myself for this. What about OUR "happily ever after". I watch others take theirs for granted. I watch them fussing with each other, flirting with others, lying to each other, playing stupid games, and cheating on each other. I loved you beyond all in this world and you were taken away. CHEATED