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#RealDirectionersLoveLouis I'm tired of all the hate he gets. I mean enough is enough already. If you don't like Louis then you don't like one direction. Without it wouldn't be the same. If you where in Louis' shoes wouldn't you start to get tired of all this nonsense. Having to worry about dating Eleanor because people think he's gay. People invading your privacy all the time. Not getting much time to relax and enjoy anything. Just give him a break! So just stop already. ~Adiah❤❤❤

1D Daily Updates :) ‏@1DDAILYUPDATES1 “@1DTrace: Liam's tattoo makes sense now - they're the opening lyrixs for 'You & I'! (Via @1DInfe...

"why is the one direction fandom so weird?" "Well you can kind of see where we get it from-" "No, Lauren. I can handle this. did you really just ask that question? Well lemme answer it. CAUSE DAS HOW WE ROLL IN DA SHIRE!"

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This just breaks my heart. What if the reason he got the tattoos was because he was upset about all the crap they read about themselves and they are finding a way to deal with it and OMG SOMEONE TAKE THIS Kindle Fire AWAY FROM ME

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I still can't get over this, was such a precious moment. And Louis is just like: "Harold Styles. What are you doing? Managment will KILL you. Babe, no. There's an audience! We're in trouble." And Zayn's like ' OMG! Did you hear that Lou?'