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1D Daily Updates :) ‏@1DDAILYUPDATES1 “@1DTrace: Liam's tattoo makes sense now - they're the opening lyrixs for 'You & I'! (Via @1DInfe...

"why is the one direction fandom so weird?" "Well you can kind of see where we get it from-" "No, Lauren. I can handle this. did you really just ask that question? Well lemme answer it. CAUSE DAS HOW WE ROLL IN DA SHIRE!"

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I still can't get over this, was such a precious moment. And Louis is just like: "Harold Styles. What are you doing? Managment will KILL you. Babe, no. There's an audience! We're in trouble." And Zayn's like ' OMG! Did you hear that Lou?'


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Pure example to why Larry shippers are the best photoshoppers <<<< because they have to learn to use it or else there would be no "proof">>> stuff like this makes me really mad. Yes I ship Larry but no need to go around saying we don't have proof, unless it's Photoshopped. Putting stuff like this up is just asking for a fight in my opinion.