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@Michael5SOS : Merci Montreal! (via Twitter

ok y'all comment your thoughts on the whole Rolling Stone thing w 5sos. idk what to think honestly and I love them but they're gonna be unstanned if they don't start treating fans with more respect.

Niall Horan, all bare chested with nice hair to play with and love those whiskers. Niall I love you Honey.

If you don't have this pic of Luke in your 5sos board I'm judging you>>> OH MY GOSH WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS.<<<Me when I see a spider lmao

HOW COME IVE NEVER SEEN THIS AHHHHH>>>first of all Luke looks so adorable when he winks and second Calum probably thinks it's a doughnut

Guys. For real. We are amazing. Look at this. Be proud. It's already at number one!!! <<YAYY NIALL!! YOU GO BABE!! :) <3

Im broke xD>>>> sammme though honestly i just want the song. I don't read magazines lol.

Michael is the prettiest person on planet earth<<damn thats a good picture//

In a maze...With monsters hiding round every corner...But don't worry, you'll get out.