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PROCUFF™ SPHYGMOMANOMETEREMI Introduces its Procuff™ Sphygmomanometer that is not only economical but dependable. The Procuff™ features: • Black enamel 300mm Hg no-pin stop manometer accurate to ± 3mm Hg. • Navy blue cuff with range markings to indicate the selection of correct cuff size • Artery label and gauge holder markings • Latex inflation bladder and bulb • Chrome-plated air deflation valve • Comes complete with leatherette zippered carrying case and instruction manual • 10 year ...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Doctor Clip Art

Doctor Clipart Set: This set includes 34 images - 17 color and 17 black & white. All images are in PNG formats and 300 dpi. Images: - Exam room scene - Waiting room scene - Doctor - Nurse - Boy - Girl - Stethoscope - Thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit) - Otoscope - Electronic blood pressure cuff - Syringe - First Aid kit - Medical Red Cross symbol - Medicine bottle with pills - Band aid - Tongue Depressor

Paramedic- iPhone(micro-fibre cloth carried between case and back of phone). Freecom 16GB USB databar Papermate ComfortMate Ultra 1.0M black Moleskine diary Old Solo watch, Keys, with 4sevens Quark MiniX 123, Gerber Shard, Leatherman Style Leather Wallet. Upper Row TuffCut Shears with lanyard, Casio F-91W, Peli VersaBrite 3, Leather belt radio clip, iPhone FM radio transmitter, Pen torch, Fenix LD10 R5, SAK Spartan, Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope (add rescue tool)

Female Doctors Collection : Bundle of images includes the following: A female doctor holding a medical tool in her hand A woman wearing eyeglasses green scrubs mask and a bouffant cap white gloves and shoes holds a gray tongs in her right hand with a triangular gray object left hand tucked behind her back A female doctor giving a thumbs up sign A woman wearing a blue bouffant cap and mask white long sleeved scrub suit and black shoes smiles while raising her left hand to gesture a thumbs…

HotSox brings you these ultra-soft crew socks, boasting a unique, medical-inspired flair. Varied prints embellish these socks allover, including prints of X-rays, stethoscopes, and first-aid kits.