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Aquilegias aka Columbine the flower can only truely be appreciated by looking up close, it has (barley visable to the eye) translucent petals in the center, so delicate you know... there is a God.of course I love this because it us my favorite col I r

Is this a daylily?! I've never seen one like this. The orange ones grow like billy-o everywhere in my yard. I have to thin them out to keep them from overtaking everything. . 'Web of Illusion'

Camellia japonica so beautiful it looks fake. like its made from sea shells or frosting. mmmmm why does something that I think is beautiful, look fake? should it not be... it's so fake yet beautiful.

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#summersecretscontest Love it when the clematis vine on the fence is in full bloom and you just see a curtain of colour across the back wall of the yard.