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Mother Teresa Quote (4x4 Canvas)

We do not have to accomplish monumental things. Small things, done with love, add up to a great life.

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Do it with passion or not at all. I'm tired of passion being associated with relationships and love. Passion is about what makes you happy and what you always want to be doing. And I'm just going to vent to all of Pinterest because I'm crazy, but I'm honestly sick and tired of just existing. My life has to have purpose. I have to have passion. Without passion I am nothing except skin, bones, crazy thoughts, and heartbeats. I want to do out of the box things and LIVE.

Put out hate, lies and deceit and karma and or God will return it 10 fold in the most painful cruel way possible. You might get lucky and the end result turn out ok, but the journey will rip your soul out, and on purpose when what you put out is corrupt.

hello my name is wallie!! i love to laugh and cuddle :) dont forget to find the little things that make you smile, because they are important! im always here to talk, listen, or just be a friend for everyone! (she/her) (recovery/positivity blog)