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This old photo, some claim has a ghost in it? It is said that there is a young girl allegedly sitting by her own grave. Could it be paranormal our just a very good case of pareidolia and the girl is just the flowers? You decide. I clearly see a face/head that is transparent and you can see the flagpole through her. Agree?

from Hawaiian Explorer

Swimming with Sea Turtles in Hawaii

A turtle sanctuary on north shore Oahu near Kailua . Anywhere you snorkle you can see turtles ( state law has restrictions as to how close you can get to them) @neesi26

November 30th, 2016 - UK - animated gif St. Andrew's Day 2016 (search page mini doodle : )

How Bright Our Flag Against The Sky Atop Its Flagpole Straight and High! How Bright The Red, The White The Blue, With What They Stand For Shining Through More Meaningful As Years Go By How Bright, How Bright The Flag We Fly. - By James Kuehn age 9 years.