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requested to finish. here you go :)

I drew Alex Fierro from Magnus Chase!! Requested by @Blah! :3 Although Alex isn't my favorite character from the book, they were very fun to draw!! So tysm for the request!! :D Art by: Abby Thacker/Yeshival. Please credit me if you want to repin/repost, thank you :) <3

charliebowater: “ My Mucha inspired take on The Inner Circle is all done! This was so much stinking fun. Prints, as thoroughly requested, are available as a hand signed limited edition run over on Etsy, and regular prints on Society 6 :) ” It’s...

leffie-draws-fanart: “ Pregstrid and Hiccup (Hiccstrid)~ requested by @scarletmilady

"As requested, here is a Mystery Girl Point!"

Kcalb(c) bonus picture in omake room

Another drawing of mine... Feel free yo check out my posts on my profile, I do requested drawings and tag you in it.

for everyone who has requested me to draw solangelo :D

a friend of mine on twitter requested that I draw Daddy Draco and his young…