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Yusupov Palace "rasputin" - The scene of the assassination of Rasputin in the Yusupov Palace on the Moika Canal, Saint Petersburg. So creepy, it's so lifelike! An amazing experience.

"Yusupov Palace in the 1890s. Built in 1770 during the reign of Catherine the Great, the Yusupov family had “status” to preserve as there were many other wealthy families who were not a part of the ruling Romanov family. Among these families were the Sheremetevs who owned the Fountain House in St. Petersburg and for whom the main airport in Moscow is named. It was a tall order to “keep up with the Sheremetevs”. The Yusupov Palace did its job well."

Interiors of Yusupov Palace in Moscow ~ Юсуповский дворец в Большом Харитоньевском переулке, Москва. Кабинет воссоздан в 1892–1895 годах Зинаидой Юсуповой по описаниям дворца Алексея Михайловича. На сводах изображено движение небесных тел вокруг Солнца.