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Asters & coleus... OK, I know -- one is a sun lover and the other for shade... but because asters are late summer bloomers, it WORKED well in dappled sun with late afternoon sun. This is from my Guerilla Garden.


New to Gardening? Here are some Great Tips

Your first shot at gardening may not look like this but you should try. Tips for the beginning gardener

Victory Garden Chart for Family of Five

Forget-Me-Not. The brilliant azure blue of forget-me-nots becomes a focal point in the spring shade garden. Pair with epimediums and foamflowers or let them provide a colorful contrast with hostas and ferns. Zones 3-8, depending on variety

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Shade Flowers That Will Make You Forget the Lack of Sun

No shade garden is complete without astilbe. These rugged perennials thrive in moist shade, providing you with a summer's worth of big, bold, frilly flower heads. And even when not in bloom, the plants' mounded, fernlike foliage is worth the price of admission. Heights vary by variety but most types grow 2-3 feet tall. Astilbe flowers come in white, red, pink, orange, and violet, and generally start to appear in late spring and early summer. They thrive in a rich, loose, organic soil. Zones…

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Bearded Iris, June Krausse Hybrid - This exciting delectable flamingo pink self is sure to be the star of your garden. Its sharp pink tone is not light but rather vivid seashell pink.

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A Cut Flower Garden of Perennial Favorites

A free garden design for a perennial cutting garden. Complete with specified plants and alternaives. Many perennials will repeat flower if kept dead headed, which is exactly what a cutting garden is for. And since not all perennial flowers bloom at the same time, your bouquets and arrangements will take on a seasonal flair and provide you with ever changing variety. Here's a garden design of perennial cutting flowers you can duplicate in your own yard.

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.This is the year to get some of the new smaller varieties of cane berries for your garden. Not a lot of room? Tuck them into your flowerbeds. All they need is sunshine!

Newest Hybrids Heuchera Mix - So easy to grow and so beautiful, they’ll be a mainstay in your *shady* areas! Heuchera, also known as Coral Bells make a great ground cover, with their attractive foliage that forms tidy mounds in a variety of colors. Clouds of tiny bell-shaped flowers sparkle above the foliage in midsummer. Grows 12-18" tall, 18-24" wide. Ships in a 3" pot. Zones 4-9 Heuchera hybrida. 5 for $30. Not a native, but suited to our climate and might work in our shady backyard.