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The U.S. recently released a strategy to study and quiet the rising cacophony of underwater noise pollution. But in the absence of widespread regulation, some researchers are holding out hope that whales might be able to adapt in order to make their voices heard.

Whales and Larvae are Surprisingly Similar - You wouldn't think that a 100-foot-long, 170-ton blue whale would have anything in common with fish larvae, which measure millimeters in length. But researchers have shown that these two animals, and a host of others, are surprisingly similar.

Fact check: how does Japan compare with other whaling nations? Infographic: The number of whales killed around the world in 2012 or 2011. Figures sourced from the International Whaling Commission and Indonesian Ministry of Tourism. (ABC Fact Check )

Cuvier's beaked whales dive deeper than any other animal, going down almost 3km. How do they survive in the crushing pressure?

Life-sized whale installation set to make a splash at Hull's Maritime Museum

Not-So-Friendly Skies: United Airlines Continues To Transport Dolphins To Marine Parks - United Airlines has become the latest target of international anti-captivity activists who are trying to convince commercial air and cargo carriers not to transport whales and dolphins for the marine mammal display industry.

The Miami Dolphins franchise ends its partnership with SeaWorld. This is monumental ... a great next step for ending captivity for cetaceans!

North Korea slammed Japan for its whaling practices Monday, calling the hunt for marine mammals a "criminal act."

google images Whales | Killer whales love to dine on chinook salmon, which could further ...

Chinese Company Seeks to Capture Orcas and Hundreds of Marine Mammals in Namibia: photo of orca in the ocean

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