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Muslims Report Rising Discrimination at Work -

What They’re Not Telling You About The Trump “Scandal”. Great reporting by Paul Joseph Watson & founder and host of Stefan Molyneux.

I'm gonna cry- also I just reached 100 followers! Thanks so much for following!

I disagree with the "recording of public servants", if used an malicious or deceitful manner..... i.e. Recording police while they're just doing their jobs, just to be a asshat.

@Ginos Place: That's why Americans are ready to kill their traitor politicians,Democrat & republican!We The People will kill islam when the time is right & that will be soon enough!

The Pool | News & Views - These illustrations brilliantly summarise the…

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Time for Donald Trump to help us CLEAN out DC

OP says: "Black people don't get to say a white person is racist just because said white person doesn't happen to like said black person as a human being." I say: i see where ur priorities are if ur immediate response to this pin is defensiveness

Simply put but an excellent summary of what the TPP would do