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They say the heart is the strongest organ in your body it can recover from being beaten and heartbroken it races and beats uncontrollably it is the difference from life and death from the very last beat miracles can occur flat line can lead to a new life and that is the strength of the heart but my heart is what makes me weak

Death doesn't only occur when your heart stops beating.

Suffering with Anorexia, the cumulative effects of long-term starvation can cause sudden heart failure. Most often, this type of sudden death occurs while the anorexic is asleep. Such is the insidious nature of anorexia; a disease in which slow starvation can coexist with such a surprising degree of functional well-being that sometimes an autopsy will show no obvious heart problems. The thought of chronic anorexia leading to sudden death is an extremely frightening one, value your life, stop…

Goodbye my lovely Nandita. On death Amma says: Death occurs not because of the absence of the Self (Atma) but because of the failure of the instrument (Upadhi) ie body. Death is the destruction of the Upadhi; it has nothing to do with any deficiency in the Self. Just as when the balloon breaks, the air doesn't cease to exist.

Heart attacks and heart disease are the most common causes of death in those with Anorexia Nervosa. The heart muscles starve, losing size. The dehydration and starvation that occurs with anorexia can reduce fluid and mineral levels and produce electrolyte imbalance, which can be very serious and even life threatening. Malnourishment experienced with anorexia nervosa can cause damage to vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and brain. Anorexia is a serious disorder that can result in death

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