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The Malta sandal is a slim, low profile sandal featuring ergonomic synthetic straps and ultra-soft EVA footbeds for excellent cushioning with arch support. Made with water-based glue, the Malta also includes durable blown rubber waffle pattern outsoles.

Cisk is a light lager and the local brew of the Maltese islands. No visit is complete without a pint!

What to Do in Malta

Blue Grotto in Malta. It's funny because I have such a claim to this place as it's 50% of my heritage and I've never been. I think it's time to go!

Save and wash old shampoo bottles for a role play hairdressers! We added combs, brushes, clips, old hairdryer (with plug and wire cut off) and towels. Encourages self care and for the children to engage in a gentle and thoughtful way :) We also added pictures of different hair types, styles and colours celebrating diversity :)

Besides pastizzi, a typical Maltese dish is ‘timpana’. They are sold at pastizzi shops and are a quick cheap and very filling choice!! Highly recommended, just had one myself!! #malta

Looking for a souvenir for you... from Malta ;) #Malta #shopping #travelling #Tomasinternational

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