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This weeks new vintage furniture stock at Vamp - 15 February 2013

Wide Eyed Girls - One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) Fashion Dolls by Dan Lee

from eBay

Ellowyne's gray days of autumn... for 16" ellowyne, etc.made by ssdesigns

ELLOWYNE'S GRAY DAYS OF AUTUMN... FOR 16" ELLOWYNE WILDE, by ssdesigns via eBay, SOLD 9/27/15 BIN $70.99

from eBay

Ellowyne's garden of delights outfit. for 16" ellowyne, etc. made by ssdesigns

ELLOWYNE'S GARDEN OF DELIGHTS OUTFIT. FOR 16" ELLOWYNE, by ssdesigns via eBay, SOLD 3/21/15 $48.99

Caroline & Klaus The Vampire Diaries! Just a small part of me wants this!!! @Candace

Volvo Philip V8 1950 - Volvo Philip was an attempt to make a Swedish Yanks with V 8 engine and lines typical of the 50s. But the car never went into production, but instead became executive car to the Volvo BM in Eskilstuna ..

Mountain Quails by Georgia Gerber (2007 / Edition of 15; 8"H x 13"W x 5"D)

Klaus: There's a very short list of people who've tried to take hope away from me, and you're the only one left breathing. Hayley: Are you that delusional, Klaus? You cursed all of us, every wolf that I fought for, everyone that stood up for our daughter. You took all of them away from their families. #TheOriginals 3x02 "You Hung the Moon"


In Due Tie Flat

In Due Tie Flat by Dolce Vita - Blue, Multi, Polka Dots, Menswear Inspired, Flat, Better, Woven, Red, Tan / Cream, Work

Ebru sidar. I like the added blue gel/ is a very "cool" image and makes me feel a bit cold just looking at it. The added red lipstick comes in just slightly to bring a touch of warmth.