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Acupressure Points are located around your body and all you need to do is press on those points with your fingers to deal with health/ beauty related problems. It is said that in Ancient China, Acupressure Points were like prescriptions to treat patients. They had herbal medicines but this was a much easier way . . .


9 DIY Face-Mask Hacks That'll Clear Up Acne and Give You Flawless Skin

We already know that there are tons of hacks to help fight pimples, including ones that use products found in your kitchen, but were you aware that you can combine this phenomenon with the world’s obsession with masks and create your very own skincare solutions? Check out the below natural recipes and say hello to clear, glowing skin!

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21 Portraits of Beauty Around the World

Gripping. Radiant. What beauty looks like in 21 different cultures, from the U.S.'s East Coast to Indonesia (and everywhere in between).

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Homemade Foundation Powder

All-natural, homemade foundation powder. All ingredients found in your kitchen. arrowroot flour/starch –similar to corn starch Good-quality cocoa powder or cacao powder ground cinnamon ground nutmeg ground ginger bentonite clay vitamin e lavender essential oil

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I Think It's Time We Talk About The Margay

This is a beautiful margay big cat. Margays dwell in the rainforests of Central & South America. Scientists figured out that they are able to do all of their hunting in trees. When they’re not being ferocious hunters, margays are pretty much just 100% adorable. They have the best lil round ears.

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Top 5 Places in the World to Swim with Sea Turtles

Rarely have I ever been so at peace as when I've had the honor of floating along with earth’s most ancient creatures.

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10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (427)

Definitely, so true. When facing a difficult situation, learn to take the middle ground.

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100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (17)

October 19th...I can't wait for my 20 seconds. I am stronger then I have ever felt before an I'm ready to go face to face with a huge mistake and walk away with my head held high!!! -kc

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Inspired By: Flamingos

AMAZING I've never seen one of these before ~ Pink Pelican