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A professional singer : A man with black hair wearing a pale dark blue collared long sleeved shirt gray pants with brown belt white shoes closes his eyes as he holds a dark gray microphone while singing The post A professional singer appeared first on

Red Santa Claus suit, leather belt with gold buckle, white beard, concept for greeting or postal card, vector illustration

Photo Realistic Vector Girl. This image almost looks like a real black and white image. They do a wonderful job adding the realistic touch to her. Especially her hair and eyes.


Karate Silhouettes

art, background, black, hobby, karate, martial, men, on, silhouettes, skill, sport, strong, vector, white, women

A Confused Businessman Scratches His Head : A man with orange hair wearing a white dress shirt orange necktie dark gray pants belt and shoes parts his lips in confusion while scratching his head with his right hand The post A Confused Businessman Scratches His Head appeared first on

A Long Haired Bouncer : A man with long blond hair wearing dark sunglasses dark brownish black security shirt white belt blue jeans gray with white sneakers frowns while holding a black two way radio in his left hand The post A Long Haired Bouncer appeared first on