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Remembering the Lesser Known Passengers that died on the Titanic

The Goodwin family. From left to right: William, Frederick, Charles, Lillian, Augusta, Jessie. At the center is Harold. Sidney is not present.

Rigel, a big black Newfoundland dog, belonging to First Officer Murdoch, saved the passengers in Life Boat #4. They were drifting in front of the Carpathia, too weak to call out. The dog had swam in the icy water for three hours, probably looking for his master. He was swimming in front of the lifeboat and alerted the Carpathia crew by barking. The boat might not have been rescued if not for the sharp barking of Rigel.

Titanic artifacts on display. A vial of perfume essence belonging to perfume manufacturer Adolphe Saalfeldk, a survivor of the disaster.

Robert Williams Daniel traveled on the Titanic with his french bulldog Gamin de Pycombe . Robert survived the sinking of Titanic. Unfortunately, Gamin did not.