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Pilot by Oleg Memukhin sweet, not all integration .. as headphones ! ? no protection but data suit ?

rhubarbes: rhubarbes: Pilot S by Oleg Memukhin. (via ArtStation - Pilot S, Oleg Memukhin) More robots here.


Perhaps something the barge-railers would wear to protect from the hot fumes under the boiler plate.

Epic space marine drawing

MY first model done in XSI! What took about a month in Zbrush took be about 4 days with XSI Anyway here's a picture of a spaceman hope you like it Space man

~ Early Prosthetic Arm ~

IRON MAN: Ralph Mosher, an engineer working for General Electric in the developed a robotic exoskeleton called Hardiman. The mechanical suit, consisting of powered arms and legs, could give him superhuman strength.

sci fi character worker - Cerca con Google

Discover the art of freelance artist Steve ChinHsuan Wang in this selection of artworks featuring concept art for Sacred 3 and Transiverse

Intergalactic Music Pilot, Oleg Memukhin on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/intergalactical-music-pilot

rhubarbes: Intergalactical Music Pilot by Oleg Memukhin. (via ArtStation - Intergalactical Music Pilot, Oleg Memukhin) More robots here.