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Mediumship calls in Spirit based on LOVE, Conjuring calls in Spirit based on POWER. Learn the difference between the two practices here.

from Sarah Petruno Shamanism - Philadelphia, PA

Can Spirits Make the Phone Ring? How it Happens

Ghostly phone calls? Calls from unknown or blocked numbers that immediately hang up? Spirits can make the phone ring - find out why and how they do it.

from Amanda Linette Meder

What Do Spirits Feel Like? A Guide On How To Sense Spirits

Ever wondered what Spirits feel like? Learn how to feel Spirits and the different sensations they produce within you >>> Read this article >>>

from Amanda Linette Meder

Crowded Spaces. Do People Attract Spirits?

Where Ghosts Go? Do large gatherings of people draw in the Spirit World? Where are there the most Spirits? Find out here >>>

from Amanda Linette Meder

Psychic Anxiety & Other Signs Of Spiritual Gifts

Do you have sudden anxiety? Is anxiety a symptom of mediumship? Do mediums get anxiety when a spirit is present? Find out here!

Identifying your Spirit Speaker. Why is is always the hardest part of mediumship? Find out here!


The 7 Basic Steps For Connecting With The Spirit World

Do you want to ask the Spirits anything you want? You can connect to the Spirit World easily, develop your mediumship skills, and learn all the ins and outs in the Talking to Spirits eCourse - offered by Amanda Linette Meder -

from Amanda Linette Meder

Spirit Q & A: I started sensing and seeing Spirits after the birth of my child. Is that normal?

Spirit Q & A: I started sensing and seeing Spirits after the birth of my child. Is that normal? - See more at: Did you start having paranormal experiences for the first time, after the birth of your child? What's up with that? Read more, for an explanation on why this may be happening to you.

Giving a Reading: Do you have a message from Spirit, for someone that’s a human? Find out how to deliver your message from Spirit here!

from Amanda Linette Meder

I Hear Voices: The Difference Between Clairaudience & Mental Illness

Differences between hearing Spirits & hearing Voices. Are YOU Crazy? Find out here.