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Mediumship calls in Spirit based on LOVE, Conjuring calls in Spirit based on POWER. Learn the difference between the two practices here.

from Sarah Petruno Shamanism - Philadelphia, PA

Can Spirits Make the Phone Ring? How it Happens

Ghostly phone calls? Calls from unknown or blocked numbers that immediately hang up? Spirits can make the phone ring - find out why and how they do it.

from Amanda Linette Meder

Understanding Reiki and Mediumship: A Gateway to Healing Light

from Amanda Linette Meder

Psychic Anxiety & Other Signs Of Spiritual Gifts

Do you have sudden anxiety? Is anxiety a symptom of mediumship? Do mediums get anxiety when a spirit is present? Find out here!

from Amanda Linette Meder

How To Talk To Spirits Safely: A Step By Step

Want to safely develop mediumship? Look no further! Learn how to safely develop your ability towards mediumship here :).

from Amanda Linette Meder

First Introductions: Why Is Identifying a Spirit Speaker Always So Stressful?

The Spiritual Communication Getting Started Kit - tap into divine guidance - connect with your guardian angels - meet your spirit guides - open your chakras - develop your psychic abilities