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This train engine sculpture is built from discarded thick wire, metal sheets, nuts and screws, as well as discarded pieces from a die machine. When Mexico's Armando Ramirez builds the train sculpture's main frame, he uses die pieces to form the cauldron.

Handcrafted Auto Part 'Rustic Bulldozer Digger' Sculpture (Mexico) by Novica

This digger sculpture is sculpted by Mexico's Armando Ramirez from a collection of scrap metal pieces and auto parts. The sculpture's cabin, for example, is built with thick wire, metal sheets, screws and a pulley.

Handcrafted Auto Part 'Rustic Monster Motorbike' Statuette (Mexico) by Novica

Armando Ramirez transforms pieces of metal including thick wires and tube pipes to create this impressive motorbike sculpture. The gas tank used to be an ignition rocker arm and the engine in the sculpture is built from tubes and a brush holder.

An entry from Emilialua

If you overlaid a gold gear where the front of the train is on the print, it would make an awesome steampunk piece...

Chartered train from " Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt " with traction engine "52 4867" and historic carriage. Germany