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You're lying if you pretend that you didn't read that in Lauren Lopez's voice!

from Etsy

Reserved for kat

Jane Austen, 'Sense & Sensibility' original illustration: "The more I know of the world...

Repin if you get it <<< I'll repin it bc I find it funny thank you very much. I don't take orders.

That may be true, HOWEVER, Severus went to great lengths to protect Harry until he was ready to fight Voldemort. The way I see it, Snape never hated Harry. Snape being mean to Harry was just an act in my eyes, so that he could play his "devotion to Voldemort" even better. In the end, Severus did all he could to protect Harry just because of Lily. I think that means something.

This is so accurate…<---INDEED IT IS ! Except he is a huge seaweed brain...I should now...after all he is my big brother

Never thought of it that way, just realized that that happens!

T-shirt power! #BigBangTheory #theflash /

I hear a lot of things like this and I don't know if it's true but I don't care and I think we should still make Sky High sequels

"I shall never forgive Gilbert Blythe. The iron had entered my soul."